Zbrush to marmoset toolbag – Baking Normals

Here is a quick guide to baking out your normal maps from Zbrush into Marmoset Toolbag. Which worked for me.

A – If you are getting weird seams on your model in Marmo try these steps.

1 – Here are my multimap export settings for the normal map, its the same as the Maya export.

2 – Once the normal map has been baked, export your model using the “3D Print Exporter”

3 – Import your OBJ model into Maya, or any other 3D Package
4 – Unlock the normals
5 – Smooth the normals
6 – Export OBJ

7 – Import your model into Marmo, create and assign new material and import the normal map, here is my material setting

8 – Finally check the mesh is set to Marmoset Tangent Space

9 – Hopefully your normal map has imported correctly into Marmoset Toolbag


  1. That was great! Thanks man.
    right now the normal map seams are fixed but I have the same issue with Displacement map and I don’t know how to fix it.


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