Hedge bursting: A behind-the-scenes-making-of tutorial

Had a few people wondering how I created the simulation for the above scene from Cerebus Film, so I sat done a recorded a demo of the process.

I go through the scene setup, particle creation, fields, instancer, nmesh / ncloth, caching, and sticky particle emission and goal instancing, to create a scene where a character is bursting through some hedges with dynamic leaves and vines.

The recording is very loose, I did it in one take without prior planning. I apologies for the loose quality, but I think there are still some good tips and advise in there when dealing with particles, instancer , ncloth and stick nparticles.

Part 1 – http://youtu.be/K9ZXP9EesbY
Part 2 –  http://youtu.be/e-jM31L0ci0
Part 3 –  http://youtu.be/-amls_TJy0o

Looks like my tutorial made it onto one of my favourite CG blogs “lesterbanks.com“., thanks Lester!

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