First moCap tests with Kinect + Brekel + Mobu

Got my hands on a second hand Kinect with charge for under $80 ( RRP $200 )! Been waiting ages to try out the Kinect with Brekel. The Skeleton data was streamed live intro Motionbuilder where I recorded the bone data then mapped onto an actor, which was then cleaned and mapped onto my Ironman rig for some quick tests. Couldn’t come up with anything interesting so I just made some gestures and turned it into a rap video 😛

If I get more time tomorrow I’ll upload a video of the setup, tutorial wise there are plenty online already to follow so check them first. The results are remarkable for a $80 device, but lets not get carried away, this type of system doesnt even come close to professional systems like Vicon Blade, still its good fund to play around with. I’m probably going to record some motions to use for agents in a crowd sim 🙂

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