Cyber Kouhun – Starwars Re-imaging Challenge

Here are some work in progress images from my entry into this months CGHub’s creatureplanet challenge. The theme is to take a creature from the Starwars universe and re-imagine it.

My entry is the Kouhun which has been mechanised by the droid federation army, favoured by assassins over the organic Kouhun, because of its ability to be closely controlled and monitored by the user.

Kouhuns were vermiform arthropods with segmented bodies, roughly thirty centimeters long, from the jungle world of Indoumodo. Small, silent, and fast, kouhuns were capable of delivering a fatal and quick-acting neurotoxin through their bite, as well as a nonfatal but nonetheless painful sting from their tails. Kouhuns were white in color, though they also existed in reddish-brown and black varieties.
Kouhuns could survive in almost any environment except extreme cold. On their homeworld, they nested in hollow trees and hunted creatures the size of dogs. Though omnivorous, kouhuns were predatory, detecting their prey by its body heat and then attacking it, often choosing between prey simply on the basis of which victim was closest. They were aggressive creatures, but could be scared away by attackers, though they turned to fight when cornered.

Because of their many advantages for covert killings, kouhuns were a favored weapon of assassins. They would be starved so that they would attack immediately upon being released, then infiltrated into a victim’s home via a droid, package, or even by slipping through tight spaces such as open windows or ducts. Kouhun nests, spawned by kouhuns who had escaped from assassins, could be found on a number of worlds from the Outer Rim Territories to the Core, including Coruscant.

From wookiepedia

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