Cerebus movie – wizards serpent progress

Update 3 – Here I have created a better skin shader using maya fast simple SSS. Which was then rendered with MR using phyiscal sun and sky, and the still render is with IBL.

Update: Finished the diffuse textures for serpent, had to re UV the mesh as the sculpt had pull some of the polys, causing texture to stretch badly.

Got motivated to continue the remodelling of the wizard’s serpent for Cerebus 3D the movie. The ball was dropped on my part a few months ago when I had to focus my attention on Anomaly. So the wizard’s serpent has been an ongoing project of mine to convert the low poly / texture model to something that will hold up in close ups and rendered in HD. My previous work on the hi-res tentacle can be seen here.

To match the great animation done by the guys, we needed the model to hold up, so it was decided to remodel the entire head.

I spent a good deal of time on the topology, making sure it flowed nicely when deform then moved onto deailing in mudboxbox. The next step is to texture and develop an appropriate SSS shader for the serpent. Here are my dailies on the progress.


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