Sculptris – First hand try out & review

Decided to give Sculptris a try after hearing a lot of good things about it, well I gotta say I am not disappointed.
This is the result of 5 hrs first hand use, which started life as a sphere.

Discovering Sculptris is kind of like getting to 2nd base with your first girl ๐Ÿ™‚ The ability to freely sculpt and manipulate the model is really like working with clay, without any limitation by topology.

The interface is straight forward and I got the hang of it within 30 minutes, coming from mudbox I do miss sculpt layers, and texturing wise – its good for quick blocking, but does not compare with Mudbox, particularly with no stencil support and ability to layer textures.

But the ability to very very quickly flesh out an idea in 3D, makes Sculptris a unique tool, I am glad I discovered this great program, and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in 3D. The learning curve is very low compared to mudbox or zbrush.

It also runs pretty fast on my computer, which has an old quadcore with a gts8800 card in it with 4gb ram. I did notice slowdown when the model jumped above 1 million poly tho.

One word that describes Sculptris is “LIBERATING!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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