Cerebus vs Skeleton – Final Showdown Animation


Here’s the completed scene from Cerebus 3D movie – lit, rendered, color corrected and composited by yours truly. The raw file has been delivered so I decided to have some fun with the soundtrack, suits this scene I think 🙂

Things I did right

  • Relit the scene with mostly volume lights and one giant spotlight for main shadows
  • Animated key lights and used a camera mapped rim light
  • Rendered only needed passes ( beauty, AO, matte pass for the two leads, depth )
  • Used cheap 2D motionblur with mentalray legacy shader
  • Optimised the scene for rendering ( each was was about 2 minutes @ 720p )
  • Color corrected BG and the two leads separately
  • Used a very simple particle system for fog

Things I did wrong

  • Messed around with complicated fog setup, when KISS was the key
  • Didn’t check the reflection on the swords prior to committing render
  • Should have rendered another matte for forground objects
  • Use mental ray Zdepth pass, instead of the default maya one. Which is not remapped.
  • Checked the skeleton shader after tweaking lights etc ( was a bit washed out, translucent )

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