Escape Studio LA & Gnomon School of VFX

Posting here for those that are interested in learning VFX at Escape or Gnomon Workshop, I posted this question on Escape’s facebook page as I’m thinking about studying at one of these colleges;

John Chen posted to Escape Studios

So, I’m sure a lot of prospective students are thinking about this question, but too scared to ask.

– What sets Escape Studio LA apart from Gnomon School of Visual Effects? and why should we choose to goto Escape, over a more established school such as Gnomon?

I’m just curious, don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. 🙂

And received a response from Escape
Hi John

Thanks very much for your comment, and no need to worry about asking such questions. As you say, many people may well be asking the same thing, and it’s important that you ask as many questions as possible before choosing which school and course to pursue.

In many ways Gnomon and Escape are very similar; we are both private post secondary schools, who offer custom built courses rather than diplomas or degrees, although I believe Gnomon do offer a degree program now. We both use industry experts to teach our courses and have strong connections with the industry. What makes Escape different is our curriculum, and specific focus on production based skills and professional pipelines, with a very strong emphasis towards visual effects. Through the help of an extremely experienced advisory board we can match our courses exactly with the requirements of the industry, in the areas of CG asset creation, camera tracking, advanced lighting and rendering, compositing and technical effects. All training is based around technical knowledge and professional execution. We don’t go into the more art based subjects that Gnomon and other schools teach, such as character design and concept art, because we want to ensure you have the exact skills required to secure a junior visual effects job. Courses are delivered like a production assignment, in short and intensive sessions, and your instructor is present throughout to ensure you always have top level assistance. It’s all about making sure you can walk straight into a production environment and thrive, and so many of our students have and continue to.

To add to this, we have a dedicated recruitment team working solely towards helping you secure your first position in the industry. We provide demo reel and CV advice, and regularly arrange for leading companies to mentor courses and provide feedback on your work throughout. This all helps to ensure you get the best possible chance to land a junior position, and we believe our recruitment services are second to none. Our aim is not to make you a better artist, but to make you a professional.

Am I right in thinking you are based in Australia? We have courses both in classroom and online and either myself or my colleagues in the UK would be more than happy to give you a call to chat further if you wish? My direct email is, please feel free to drop me a line at any time, and I hope my response was helpful 🙂

Admissions Advisor (Escape LA)

There you have it, quiet a nice answer 🙂

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