Useful info for rendering / compositing

Braindump from the last few days of work & research..

How to Add Motion Blur to your 3D Animation in Post Production by Creating 2D Motion Vectors in Maya
The shutterangle of your camera possibly was set to zero, which results in no motion blur. Just select your cameraShape ->Special Effects and set the shutterangle to 144 (whatever you need).

…:mip.motionblur.node:… – CHEAP motionblur ( does not work with render layers or keyframed cameras )

Multi UV tile is black in Maya viewport

Using HDR SHOP to fake GI ( I used this technique to fake GI using a rendered chrome sphere in HDR than converting it for use in IBL.

Creating a Light Probe Image

Panoramic Image Transformations – how to convert a high-dynamic range panorama between various layouts.

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