Maya to Motionbuilder 2012 HumanIK Reference Joint Bug

Came across this bug while testing the new inter-op between Motionbuilder and Maya. It seems like the one click inter-op characterization function in Maya does not push the reference joint over to Mobu.

This is my current workflow when encountering this bug

  • -create HumanIK skeleton in Maya
  • Group the HumanIk skeleton to an null group
  • Characterize
  • The reference control character control works in Maya
  • Send to motionbuilder ( add to scene )
  • The reference control character control in motionbuilder breaks and doesnt work
  • If I go the other way round and create the character in Motionbuilder > send to maya, the reference works just fine

I might be doing something wrong, but have tried a few times.


  1. Interesting. Thanks for posting this. What was the final verdict? Did you find a work-around? Or did a hotfix/servicePack get the issue resolved?



    1. Hi, Yes work around was to characterise in Mobu and not in Maya ( reference joint works fine that way ) or don’t use the built-in Reference joint and just create a custom global move parent. I’m not sure if they fixed this in the new service packs as I havent had to plaly with Mobu for a while.


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