the face from the shroud of Turin – 3D CGi

The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot cloth in which many believe Jesus Christ was buried. I watched an interesting doco on SBS tonight about the shroud and how scientists tried to disproof this relic. This inspired me to do a little investigation myself, as the photo that was taken during the examination reminded me of a depth map, used in 3D CGI to generate displacements on an object.

shroud of turin depthmap 3d
shroud of turin depthmap 3d

The largest image was generated from using the computer, it is not a modified image of the original As you can see the 3D generated Z-depth displacement map matches closely with the original to the bottom right.

Using photoshop to clean up and enhance the original photo I was able to created several versions of a first pass depth map (top right), which I than used in Mudbox as a stencil to sculpt the results ( below ).

Shroud of Turin 3D

What I found interesting was not who this person was, but how the image was transferred onto the cloth in the first place 2000+ years ago?? or as cabron dating suggest 1200 – 1300


  1. Hey, I am so interested and puzzeled by the Shroud and this website gets me guessing even more! Do you think its a fake? Because seriously I have no clue??!! Answers and reasons would be helpful!!!


    1. It wouldn’t be possible for him to position his arms and hands where he did unless he had Kleinfelter’s syndrome or eunuchoidalism. Head’s a bit small, too.


  2. It is not a fake. Old Testament scripture predicts that the Messiah will not be comely, or “to be desired.” This seems an authentic image of a man who was strong and wonderful but not attractive in the usual sense.
    I wrote to the scientistific site that took the most carefully calibrated pictures and received a wonderful image for a fee. Ilater gve the framed image to my pastor. It was very daunting, a picture of a man of undeniable authority and honesty!


  3. Don’t you think that if it were fake that would’ve been proven beyond a doubt now? This Shroud has a Crown of Thorns (or two) and is uniquely Jesus. Time to NOT be skeptical here.. Jesus left this for us as an eternal remnant of his being.


  4. The carbon dating was contaminated. The sample used was a reweaving done in 1500s with the original linen and dyed cotton to match the color.

    The team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that studied the Shroud in 1978 used a VP8 image analyzer. The image on the Shroud
    is the ONLY image ever scanned to map the correct contours of the face:


  5. First of all, the Shroud came from about 30 AD (less than 2000 years ago). Second of all, the image on the Shroud came from a burst of light, heat, and radiation… from WITHIN the person (probably Jesus) inside it. The burst of light, etc. was probably when the soul reentered the body after death. There is a chapter on this in Tracy Finke’s book, Embracing Catholicism. Please learn more about this, it is the best thing you could possibly do for your life.


  6. Someone mentioned the arms and hands. First off the length of the arms is something I also questioned, till someone pointed out the shoulders were out of joint, which would be consistent with a crucifixion. The hands are elongated much like hands on an x-ray as your hand bones extend into the palm.


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