important notes regarding FBIK rig in maya

When using FBIK with animation layers add all the individual nodes under the creature_humanIK1, also add any nurbs controllers to the same layer.
This also applies for copying keys, otherwise it will just copy keys on selected effector.,topicNumber=d0e332542

How do I animate my characters with full body IK?

To animate with full body IK, you need to do the following:

* Pose your character’s body parts by translating and rotating their FBIK effectors or input joints
* Set your character’s FBIK Key Mode (Selected, Body Part, or All) and Reach Mode (Simple, FK, or IK)
* Set keys on the FBIK effectors or input joints you posed with Animate > Set Key or the Set Key hotkey (s key).
o For Animate > Set Key or the Set Key hotkey (s key) to work with FBIK, Set FullBodyIK keys needs to be on in Animate > Set Key > .
o You cannot use Autokey when animating with FBIK.

Animate > Set Full Body IK Keys >

The Set Full Body IK Keys Options window lets you do the following:

* specify which of your character’s FBIK effectors and input joints are keyed
* set your character’s FBIK effector’s Reach channel values
* place keys on your character’s FBIK effectors, FK joints, and Reach channels


  1. I am trying to use FBIK (2011) from mocap (mixamo) and adjust with animation layers but having tons of issues getting this to work. Will try above but wondering if you are using animation layers and how you work with it.


  2. Hi Orlando, I gave up on FBIK and switched to HIK ( which is similar to FBIK but much better in terms of transfer / edit / hand-key animation from mocap. )

    FBIK is no longer supported from maya 2011 on, my best advice is if your pipeline allows it, switch to HIK. HIK works beautifully with animation layers and has seamless IK to FK switching.



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