workflow memory dump matchmove

quick memory dump of workflow for matchmoving before I forget.

  1. grab mts file from camera, save to J:1_ANOMALY_DUMP1_Rawshoot$
  2. import to premiere, edit sequence as needed
  3. export and queue as Quicktime Animation (full res, no sound, progressive)
  4. create new matchmove project Dir D:26_ANOMOLYproductionmatchmoveproject$
  5. Create new project in BJ
  6. import seq / framerate 25 / move type (freemove) / no interlaced
  7. track features / advance ( adjust as needed )
  8. Delete bad tracks (del )
  9. Select hard tracks that appear in all of sequence ( right click )
  10. Setup – edit cam, check settings
  11. solve camera – optimise camera path smoothness
  12. Solve adjust ( check the boxes that appear to be good to lock them, focal and smoothing )
  13. access len distortion ( auto )
  14. Solve tools – Filter structure – 50% – 30% depending on how many tracks u have
  15. Gold track is awesome, blue skips
  16. add edit scene geo
  17. add cord from hint
  18. Select the tracks that corropond to the rite axis, make sure not to select the same 2 tracks twice
  19. connect to selected on selected
  20. update coord_frame
  21. goto 3d view and check orientation adjust with more from above if needed
  22. test with test geo
  23. export camera solve / save to D:26_ANOMOLYproductionmatchmoveproject$
  24. export sequence JPG / HALF SIZE to D:26_ANOMOLYproductionmatchmoveproject$sourceimagesproxy
  25. The above setup will generate lens distortion corrected proxy images for maya, you can match the distortion in post using the proxy image as template on the final comp using hi-res images.
  26. maya > open exported scene
  27. Maya > Set project / select top dir D:26_ANOMOLYproductionmatchmoveproject$
  28. Save scene in proper dir.

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