Say Cheese! Mudbox Sculpt

john chen mudbox speed sculpt
clicky for hi-res horror!

Freestyle sculpt in Mudbox from default sphere, took me 2 – 3 hours for the sculpting and another hour for texturing & lighting.

This is a straight render from Mudbox with diffuse, spec and gloss maps. Light with HDR lightmap and a single direction light. I used both AO filters and tone mapping.

Was about 2 million polys, my poor computer was struggling real bad by the end of it. If I was to take this piece further will have to retopo it for sure.
The creature design is based on concept sketches by Jordu Schell.

CGfilter render
Hmmm interesting

Here is an interesting render from mudbox again but this time using the CGfilter filter, normally this filter makes the whole image blue, but with the combination of light and blue diffuse map the render actually turned out looking like real skin! I love been a noob and finding random surprises! :))


  1. Hello Chen,

    Just found your blog searching things about Autodesk MudBox in Google and after read your post, honestly I felt commited to write a simple sentence for you:

    “Congratulations for your Artwork!”

    PS: I am noob at MudBox too. Got this 2 days ago and I am feeling well after look some artwork as yours posted here.



    1. Thanks 🙂 yes, mudbox is a great program to use, in my opinion it is more user friendly than zbrush. But Zbrush has many more tools. Good luck!


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