Combat Sports Australia Promo Bumper

Here is a short CG and video production project I completed for Combat Sports Australia’s to help promote their event and DVD.

The brief was to create a CG walkin sequence edited with live action to build anticipation and also to create some cut in animations for score boards and fighter details during the DVD presentation.
Maya and mental ray was used for the CG with After Affects for compositing and Premier for final editing.

Some live action fireballs were shot on greenscreen and composited with the CG. I also work in a linear workflow and using render passes to output as 16bit tiff, this gave me a lot more control on how the final shot was lit, making sure it integrated with the footage.

This was a one man show ( me ) so the hardiest part I found was the long downtime having to render out the 400frame sequence with various passes. I separated the main Hallway and the Gloves into their own respective passes so I could control the motion blur in post.

Enjoy the final product. ( available in 720P )

Responsible for all CG elements, compositing, editing.

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