Mudbox Sculpt – Jolie (done)

*** Just like to point out these pieces are not meant to be taken as final production asset, but rather as a digital maquette aiding in concept development, having the skill to produce fast but accurate 3D maquettes from 2d concept images is important in a production environment ( you can call it rapid prototyping if you want ),

It is pointless to spend hours polishing something to the end product that might be rejected by the client in dailies, as a professional, time is better spent developing the form and if possible produce many variations, once that has been signed off, the asset can be passed onto texture artists and lighters not before or during. ( of course there are exceptions to this rule, but you get the point ) This is the part I play as a professional modeller when working in a team.

I got told by a friend that this model would never be used in production or it commercially acceptable, I didn’t have time to explain to my non 3D friend that what he saw in Avatar is the result of team work.
, on its own it would never make it as a final piece, but that was not its intended purpose, the purpose was for the reasons I listed above, which is certainly professional and commercially acceptable.

This is a turn table render straight from mudbox ( took less than a minute for 200 frames ), theres no complicated SSS skin shader, or any type of sophisticated lighting, or even a ‘bump’ map.  If this was rendered in Maya with a skin shader network, maya hair and displacement maps, it would take my poor computer more than 24 hours to render out 200 frames. 1 minute render time versus 24 hours render time, I know which one I would choose.

The goal was to explore and interpret Angelina’s face forms and shapes, making sure both highlights and shadows are in good contrast to each other to define the many small but important forms in the face and to do this in the least amount of possible time.

Form is the fundamental of sculpting and speed is the mark of a professional, which these exercises are designed to teach me and to this end I think I have done a fair job and with my goal of sculpting 3 – 4 times a week, I am sure it will improve more and more.

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