Its been so long since I updated my blog, but lots has been going on!

Firstly I’d like to thank John Eyre and Diana Tu for their work in the Tafe project to remake the trap door in 3D. Unfortunately things did not play out as we all intended but I know we have all learned a great deal.

Now to some updates, I have successfully finished the music video for the track Narayan by The Prodigy, this was an epic project but Im proud to present the result.

On reflection there were lots of things that could have been polished more, however given the deadline and the length of the video in the brief I feel I did the best I could.

The 2nd completed project is the art gallery pre-viz / fly through. I had to model and texture the gallery model in under 1 week. The gallery is inspired by modern architecture design.

For the final semester of my Diploma in Screen and Media I will be creating my own short trailer for a animated pilot called “Zloki and Ze Pengs“, currently in production I will be posting more updates soon on the project, characters and design.

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