Inspiration Hits

Like your light streaks, bokeh and lens flares? Get your fix in the video below. Its a little over the top IMO but some good VFX ideas on show with very good composites, would look great on a showreel.

Back on the CG front here are some very cool 3D shorts to wet your appetite. Don’t forget to checkout my Vimeo channel for more cool vids!

Super high detail renders, amazing textures.

Evils Robots + hot girl + lasers + toon shader, whats not to like?

Very cool and simple concept, think I will steal this for my music vid using my hologram shader + animated textures.

Beautiful 3D models and renders in this short clip. Love the lighting!

Cool cyberpunk inspired video with excellent greenscreen, live action + cg and motiontracking.

Another light inspired video, this time with some nice minimal abstract music, groooovy!

Found this one after I published, :p Super Awesome CG short, I particularly like the animation and camera shots.

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