Narayan – The Music Video Production – Mood Board

Here is a mood board produced for an upcoming music video production for the prodigy track – Narayan. I’m very happy with the collection of images here, their color/mood/scene should help direct the music video concept. Please click Full Screen in scribd window to get HQ view.

Mood Board for Music Video Production – Narayan

Roughly I spent about a full day and a half researching the origins and roots of the word Narayan, which turns out to be the name of the hindu god Vishnu, using word associations I hunted down related images / myths / legends plus my own interpretation of the music to produce the final mood board. I also color corrected some of the images so that they fit in with the overall scenes.

More to come on the concept, but I think you can get a good picture with the moodboard of what I’m aiming for.

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