Music Video Inspirations – Technical

Posting a few inspirational videos which will form the technical inspiration for my music video featuring Narayan by the Prodigy off the legendary album “The fat of the land”.

Inspired By

  • Simple but effective camera work
  • Simple compositions but enough little details to keep the scenes interesting.
  • Low Poly models with Hi-res Textures.
  • Mix of 2D after effect + 3D props
  • Simple, effective, high Contrast colors and tones
  • Simple texture / material but with good shading + high detail.
  • Using of noise + background textures.
  • lens vignetting effect
  • HDR environment Lighting

Take Aways

  • Keep it Simple Stupid!
  • Simplicity combined with a very high quality production = Win

Inspired By

  • Photo real renders ( I’m guessing MR with GI + Caustics or maybe V-ray )
  • detailed models
  • editing that perfectly matches the music
  • One scene only, yet enough movement to keep things interesting
  • Camera shake & flicker effect
  • Video interlace effect
  • Laser effect ( Done in post? or comped using render layers… )
  • Funky LCD screen flicker effect in the BG.
  • Little frame countdown on bottom left.
  • Techno fetish / sub culture / experimental. ( my style! )

Take Aways

  • Nice color values, photo filter effect cep some 1 primary color in the BG LED Screens.
  • Combine some 2D graphics in the same scanner HUD type style.

Inspired By

  • Awesome particle simulations with custom manipulations
  • Simple and clean scenes
  • Light / Screen / Overlay effects
  • Lens vignetting
  • Slow mo back to normal back to slow

Take Aways

  • Use simple shapes to create effects by assigning different textures and using different blend modes in post.
  • Use over head spot light with GI to create a very high contrast / focus ona single prop in scene.
  • Some subtle use of floating particles combined with lens abbreviation ( flares, halos ) work well to add more realism.
  • Combining super slow motion with normal motion with sound FX or music creates drama

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