The female body & form

Taking inspiration from the female body, I spent a good few hours penning these sketches on the weekend. The sketches are based on 2 great documentaries online at –

  1. ” Lin Hwai-Min: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Full Ep ” – Lin Hwai-min is the choreographer, director and founder of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. Lin talks intimately about his life, influences, work and troupe of dancers.
    Watch now
  2. “SBS Video: Crazy Horse: The Revival Full Ep” – Uncovering the sexiest cabaret in the world, this film follows the reopening of Paris’ infamous remodeled Crazy Horse.
    Watch now

Both of these films contain powerful images of the female body in motion, one a more seductive side and one a more artistic side. Yet each instilled a powerful image of the female naked body, her body lines – beautiful curves; Her hands with their graceful poses.

Drawing & modeling the human body is considered one of the most difficult task, due to the exact proportion, each part of the body fits and complements each other to produce such gracefulness.

My drawings are not meant to be polished, just a study into the curves and lines of the female body. I used a black marker for these drawings in preference to the usual pencil as I wanted to really accentuate the body lines.

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