40 Free rust, tree bark and rocks textures = Sweet!

Everyone loves free stuff and I’m certainly no different. Since taking up 3D animation & Modeling I have been busy collecting free textures for material shaders from the internet and magazine CDs. But the problem with using these textures is that everyone else has them too!

So to get a bit more flare and creativity into my models nothing beats hand making your textures using programs like photoshop & my latest love – ImageSynth 2. I will be covering imageSynth in another post soon but for now in the spirit of file sharing.

I would like to share with you 40 free textures of trees, bark and interesting rock formations.

Free tree bark and rock texture pack

Click here to download the textures

Click here to download the tree back & rock texture pack. ( 1000px width JPG )

I took these textures around campus today, the weather was perfect for photography – overcast and cloudy and just after a light rain shower.

Enjoy the freebies, these are shared under creative commons – so if you enjoy or use the textures, please spread the word and link to my site.

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