Rose petals falling fx – A Maya nCloth Sim

Latest render from the VFX Forge of a rose loosing its petals – I wanted to achieve a very natural simulation with this test.

Using Maya’s new nCloth dynamics I was able to rig up this 3d model rose’s petals dropping with convincing real-life dynamics, the first short has some air/wind applied to the petals. The second shot has no internal forces except for normal gravity. The hard part about the whole process was adjusting the air density and also the petals rigidness & flexibility.

The petals were modeled using low polygons with smoothing and a nice simple lambert shader with some transparency applied to it.

These animations will be used as part of my video art short titled ‘ Orange ‘ – coming to every youtube near you. The concept will be a single orange rose in mids of an urban setting or a see of other colored roses – I hope to animate the rose growing, flowering than withering in the most dramatic way possible.

I am hoping to combine some simpler elements from this great dynamics demonstration video when the petals are falling.

Fingers crossed I get to realise the concept and bring it to reality to show you.

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