Rockstar’s Sam Houser – Eastern Promises

Looking through my old magazine stack today I came across an interesting article in an old Edge Magazine April 2008 issue titled “The Making of Grand Theft Auto”. Sam Houser the president of Rockstar games talks about the making of GTA III to GTA IV and what inspired him to make the series.

The story behind GTA IV is the rise and fall of a Russian mafia foot soldier in New York, Sam explains the inspiration behind the new GTA as attributed to movies directed by David Cronenberg ‘ Eastern Promises‘ and ‘A history of violence‘.

So naturally been a big fan of GTA I thought I would check out the movie that inspired its creator. I must say Eastern Promises was a pretty awesome movie, the atmosphere was set perfectly and I was intrigued by the movie the whole time. So the inspiration comes from the director, the editing and the camera work, check it out. Its definitely worth the watch.

Check out the Eastern Promises trailer

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