Test renders for Art Gallery project

Going out on a limb today – the inspiration comes my own renders in Maya for the ‘Art Gallery’ project short we are developing for 3D modeling.

I’m inspired by the possibilities of Maya and its rendering engine. The images below were rendered using Maya Software Renderer with production settings.

Click here to see the hi-res still renders. ( mnnnnn )

The set includes 12 lights and 13 materials. One of my biggest challenges is to streamline this set, been so new to Maya I am sure I’m overcooking the scene.
Each of the 1042 x 576 stills took about 20 seconds to render on my 8800 GTS – which means it will about 5 – 8 hours to render a 1 minute scene!

So while the stills look nice and have a lot of detail, I think I will have to sacrifice quality over speed…

Click on image for full size – please be patient as these are hi resolution images.

Gallery Maya Renders 1

Gallery Maya Renders 2

Gallery Maya Renders 3

Free 3D render wallpaper HQ 1600 x 1200
^^ Free 1600 x 1200 Wallpaper 3D Render


    1. Hi Dan,

      The assestment calls for a walk through animation, so it looks like I will have to remove some elements from this scene. Otherwise its going to take like forever to render an animation.


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