Remember the claymation show called Gumby?

Hi, welcome back to my daily visual diary. Today I am inspired by stop motion films using clay and a classic Claymation show from my childhood – Gumby!

So why claymation? well read on.

Why Gumby is my inspiration

FIMO clay

One of my visual arts subjects assestment requires a 30 second video / animation piece on the theme color Orange and I managed to score some FIMO clay from my tutor Kelvin.  So I’ve been thinking about how to use this clay in my video art assessment all day.

I’ve always liked claymation and really its one of the earliest forms of 3D modeling and animation, rather than using your hand to model now days all we need to do is load up our Maya and away we go.

The process for creating a claymation is very similar to 3D animation.

  1. Concept
  2. Model / Rigging
  3. Lighting
  4. Animate
  5. Editing ( I suspect done in linear editing tools back in Gumby Days )

Claymation is awesome!

Whats so great about claymation films like Gumby are the physics and lighting effects used in the show, obviously clay is a physical object and lights used are real lights. So to get a sense of how 3d models should be lighted and how light reflects off certain object and shapes just goto youtube and search for some oldskool gumby episodes.

For my video art assessment I think I will do a storyline of a character taking some type of illicit medication and interacting seeing things related to the color orange.

I’ve found a few sites like which has some good tutorials as well as heeps of videos on youtube, this particular animator mamshmam seems pretty popular – check out one of his clips. ( I like the Doctor Zoiberg model best )

That’s it for the visual diary today, follow the progress of my attempt at Claymation modeling by subscribing to my blog 🙂


  1. brings me back to when i was a whee tyke used to watch gumby all the time. you don’t realise how bad it was until you look back at it though…


    1. Lol, yeh. Poki was a sex crazed horney donkey. I remember someone on youtube made some pretty funny edits with his scenes


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